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Rainbow Youth Training

19th December 2022

Rainbow Youth Training

Fi reports from Rainbow Youth in Pitlochry

This month, I joined some of my fellow volunteers at the Rainbow Youth training course in Pitlochry.

The goal of this project was to train teachers, youth workers and those that work with young people to increase their awareness about the issues faced by LGBTQ+ youth. During the week, each day was dedicated to a different topic with specific activities involving participants and volunteers: team building, gender norms, stereotypes, terminology, bullying, LGBTQI- phobia, coming out, trans & intersex identities, intersectionality, privilege, LGBTQI rights in different countries.

A great thing about the training was that each day had a reflection moment to talk about our own feelings and what we learned in the activities or from each other.

While at the training, I discovered the art of silence, how to exchange good feedback with others, how to compromise when working on a project with others, and about current LGBTQI+ rights and issues in my own country. We also got to make friends with fellow volunteers and youth workers from across the EU who are passionate about helping the LGBTQI+ community, and it was a fantastic chance to share our collective knowledge and experiences.

Written by Fiametta Rittatore (European Solidarity Corps) on 19th December 2022.