Festival Fortnight: Engaging Young People In Sport

26th May 2019

Festival Fortnight: Engaging Young People In Sport

New European research shows that, compared to the EU average, over twice as many Scottish participants said they have not played sport since school P.E. lessons because they had negative experiences in P.E. due to their sexual orientation or gender identity.

LGBTI+ young people are at a particularly vulnerable time mentally and emotionally, and negative experiences suffered in school P.E. settings can do lasting damage to the relationship LGBTI+ people have with sport in later life, such that they may disengage entirely. Sport is an incredibly powerful force for safeguarding our mental and physical health, building strong and lasting friendships, and battling loneliness; all of these benefits and more should be equally accessible to all people. LEAP Sports Festival Fortnight works to create and highlight spaces for LGBTI people in sport, making it a fantastic opportunity for young people who may have had negative experiences in P.E. in school to build up new positive experiences with sport in a safe and welcoming environment.

Whilst young people are still growing, it is vital for both their physical and mental health that they are able to be physically active in an accessible way in which they feel comfortable and supported. During the Festival, we have several youth events being run, all of which are free, and provide an opportunity for young LGBTI+ people across Scotland to create positive sporting experiences with their peers at events that are designed specifically for them. There is an exciting mixture of sports, social, recreational, and cultural activities for young people during the festival to participate in, giving access to not just sport, but other events which allow them to explore their own relationship with sport and understand better the barriers to LGBTI participation.

Through our work with Scottish schools, the development of the Manifesto for an Inclusive Physical Education, our partnership in Pride Youth Games, and so much more, it is one of our aims at LEAP Sports to make sure that no LGBTI+ young person in Scotland feels that sport and physical activity is not a place for them. Festival Fortnight offers young people spaces for them to explore, learn, and grow a passion for sport. Thanks to LGBT Youth Scotland, Flavours of Fife and Different Visions Celebrate youth groups, On Bikes, Jumpers for Goalposts, and Kirkcaldy High School for running these fantastic youth events. More information on the festival and how you can take part can be found at

Open Access - Mon 17th, 22nd, 30th June / Free / 7pm - 1 Victoria Road, Dundee DD1 1EL

LGBTI+ Celebration Led Cycle Ride - Tues 18th June / Free / 3pm -Smithycroft Secondary School, 282 Smithycroft Rd, G33 2QU

Circus Skills Taster Session - Wed 19th June / Free / 6.30pm - LGBT Youth Scotland, Edinburgh EH6 6SA

Jumpers for Goalposts - 20th, 26th June / Free - Dalkeith Secondary School and Fortrose Academy

LGBT+ Spectrum Badminton Festival - Fri 21st June / Free / 10am - Kirkcaldy High School, Dunnikier Way, Kirkcaldy, KY1 3LR

Just Charlie Film Screening - Mon 24th June / Free / 6pm - Robert Burns Centre Film Theatre, Mill Rd, DG2 7BE

LGBTQI+ Friendly Roller-blading - Mon 17th June / Free / 6pm - The Boardwalk, Ocean Terminal Shopping Centre, EH6 6JJ

Bowled Over by Gender - Tues 25th June / Free / 6pm - Leith Bowling Club, 19 Summerfield Gardens, EH6 7LZ

Flavours of Fife Go Outdoors - Wed 26th June / Free / 7pm - Fordell Firs Dunfermline KY11 7HQ

LGBTI Pool Party (Troon) - Sat 29th June / Free / 4.15pm - Troon Swimming Pool, Troon KA10 6LU

LGBTI Pool Party (Falkirk) - Sun 30th June / Free / 6.15pm - The Mariner Centre, Falkirk FK1 4HJ

Written on 26th May 2019.